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Also, this is subjective, but I think your cards are the prettiest ones listed on this site and thought I'd let you know.

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Just a heads up: I was just trying to pay a few bucks towards this, and paypal said my payment can't be completed. I'm not sure if it was on my end or's or yours, but you might want to make sure everything's hooked up right on your end.

I'm just using this for a code challenge in a course I'm enrolled in, I'll add a credit in the contributors section. The cards are all beautiful, a minor detail you might want to touch up if you feel like it are the 7's and J's listed on the bottoms of their respective cards--they don't look mirrored the right way currently. The rest of the numbers and ranks all look fine on their prospective cards. The bottom right corner on the queen of diamonds looks like it's folded slightly. It's not really a big deal but I thought I'd let you know. The only reason I noticed at all was from admiring the work.

Yea, I disabled my paypal. Sorry, I don't check up on my itch very often. Thx for the download

I wish there were a back texture with it

me too, i'd love to support an indie artist that can match the pixel aesthetic.  it only needs to be one image, easy enough.


Uhh, use this for now.